Upcoming Events

Time Table

2 Mar - 8 Dec
Nan Tien's Health & Wellbeing Market-Teaser Poster
High quality, unique handmade wares. Vegetarian & Vegan cuisine. Local growers and artisan producers. ...
16 Feb - 13 Oct
Nan Tien Temple
Baby Blessing and Baby Shower Ceremony-Teaser Poster
Our purpose is to bless children under the protection and guidance of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, so that they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. ...
25 May - 23 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Chinese School of Wollongong -  Children's Chinese Class-Teaser Poster
Nan Tien Chinese School of Wollongong is Member of the Association of Illawarra Community Languages Schools supported by the Department of Education ...
2 Jun - 23 Jun
Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Ukulele Class-Teaser Poster
Ukulele Class for beginners ...

Social Education

25 May - 29 Jun
Nan Tien Institute
Junior Creative Arts Workshop-Teaser Poster
Mindfulness in Doodling Chan ...
5 Jul - 8 Jul
Nan Tien Temple
2019 ANZBYC - Australia New Zealand Buddhist Youth Conference-Teaser Poster
Stay True to Your Initial Aspiration, Empower Yourself, Benefit Humanity ...

Meditation & Classes

16 Feb - 21 Dec
Nan Tien Temple
Free Meditation Class for Adults and Children (Saturday)-Teaser Poster
Allow yourself to relax and regroup as we entertain the kids with enriching programs! ...

Buddhist Retreat

13 Jul - 14 Jul
Nan Tien Temple
2019 Eight Precepts Retreat-Teaser Poster
ay Buddhists have the opportunity to experience monastic life for one day and one night in the temple. This retreat offers peace, tranquility and mindfulness in daily life and encourages self-cultivation. ...
14 Feb - 23 Nov
Nan Tien Temple
2019 Mediation Retreat-Teaser Poster
Nan Tien Temple offers the perfect retreat--peace, tranquility and comfort. ...