Happy Chinese New Year - Charming Guizhou

Happy Chinese New Year - Charming Guizhou-Poster
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Brief introduction to Guizhou Song and Dance Theatre


Guizhou Song and Dance Theatre is one of the largest professional art performance groups in Guizhou province, with the aim to inherit, flourish and develop the art and culture of Guizhou and the mission to promote Guizhou culture. It persists in the in-depth study and creation, and has cultivated a large number of art talents. It has also created and performed a wide range of high-quality artistic programs with rich national characteristics and the spirit of the age. Guizhou Song and Dance Theatre has long been responsible for a variety of major cultural performances of Guizhou Province. It has represented the country and the provincial government to visit more than 40 countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and has been cordially received and commended by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and other party and nation leaders. Many works created by it won the Splendor Award of the Ministry of Culture, the Best Works Award for Spiritual Civilization Construction of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the National Excellent Stage Art Project, the Lotus Award for professional Chinese dance, the Honor Award of the Swiss Locarno International Film Festival, many national minority theatrical awards and several provincial art awards.


Major award-winning works: national dance drama Manluo Flowers, large-scale song and dance poetry Beautiful Flowers, acrobatics musical Strong Feelings with the Landscape, large-scale national song and dance poetry Colorful Landscape of Guizhou, large-scale original folk dance drama Tian Chan Di Nuo, national musical Dong Music, Dong County and Dong People, large-scale song and dance poetry Music Feast, large-scale original symphony Music Feast, original musical Guitar, Guitar, etc.



Performance List *Subject to change without notice



1Song & Dance : Colourful Singing

The colourful Guizhou is waiting for you. The hospitable Guizhou is waiting for you. Let's sing and dance in the colorful Guizhou. Let’s sing the joyful song and dance passionately. The haunting beauty of Guizhou lasts, and glory comes with the colourful singing.


2Buyi Song: Red Flowers

It is like a familiar tune that is unintentionally sung by people when they are working in a rice field. It is like a duet sung by female companions in front of a Tujia textile machine. The graceful tune conveys a joyful mood in the nature. In between the warm strings, it is the beautiful landscape of Guizhou. The female voice is the morning mist, the girly feeling that could not be seen.


3Miao Group Dance: Butterfly Mama

The butterfly is the image of the ancestor of Miao people. It is the totem ornament of Miao family members, blessing them like a mother. A group of beautiful and colorful butterflies is dancing for the happy life of Miao people.


4Acrobatics: Devil stick

The hope thrown into the air is a gesture of Guizhou looking forward to the future. They are beautiful lines of the colourful Guizhou.


5Dong Dance: Chirping of Cicadas

The birds are warbling. The cicadas are chirping. The lady is with me. The sweet words of the banyan tree and the cicadas are the voices of nature. Banyan trees are the bearing of Dong people’s history. Dong women are the incarnation of hard-working. In Dong world, people and nature are united and harmonious.


6  Solo Song: She Is Washing Clothes By The River

Is the girl coming from afar still in your memory? Has the bright future you promised her already been realized? Sing a missing song, recalling the memory of the past.


7Yi Dance: Yi Fire

In the 1500-year-old Tusi dynasty of Shuixi Yi people, the fire-like Yi people used their enthusiasm to interpret men's fortitude and power and women's shyness and femininity.


8Lusheng and Wood Leaf: The Plateau Is My Home

My home is on the plateau, where the sound of Lusheng is melodious, where the leaves are flying That is the beautiful hometown in my dream.


9Shui Dance: Song Of Lovesickness

The Shui girls are embroidering the clothes for the sweetheart. The girl did not want to eat and could not sleep at night because of lovesickness.


10Dance: Ox Horn Worship

Shui Pasodoble is a manifestation of farming civilization, often performed in Shui Duanwu festival.


11  Acrobatics: Ballet On The Shoulder 

The dance on the shoulder is the expression of femininity and strength, the combination of the romantic tenderness and the thrilling techniques.


12Dong Song (Kam Big Song): Stars And The Moon

This Dong song (Kam big song) has been sung from the Qingshui River in Guizhou to the Seine in Paris. It is regarded as the melody from heaven.


13  Shui Duo Dance: Shui Book

Shui Book, one of the world's surviving hieroglyphics, was listed as a Chinese national intangible cultural heritage in 2006. Shui Book witnessed the inheritance of the Chinese civilization and the harmony between human and nature.


14Miao Dance: Dressing Up

The Miao Year is the grandest festival of Miao people. People dress up to attend, sing and dance. Costumes feature large sizes and heavy accessories.


15Last Song: Hand In Hand, Heart To Heart + I’m Waiting For You In Guizhou

We are waiting for you in the colourful and hospitable Guizhou.