Junior Creative Arts Workshop 2018

Junior Creative Arts Workshop 2018-Poster
Nan Tien Temple


Junior Creative Art Workshop (6 Lessons)


Lesson 1: Mindful Art - Doodling Brag bracelets

Exercise - Make a pledge and doodle


Lesson 2: Mindful Art - Doodling Card

Exercise - Make a card through doodling for someone special


Lesson 3: Mindful Art - Fun with Dots

Exercise - Self-Portrait through pointalism


Lesson 4: Fun With Doodling

Exercise - Teamwork doodling to complete a doodling wall


Lesson 5: Blow ink

Exercise - Create an abstract art piece through blow ink


Lesson 6: Outdoor drawing - Buddha (Backyard)

Exercise - Self-express Still life drawing of the Buddha in the backyard



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