Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

Fo Guang Yuan in the CBD of Melbourne was first established in 1996. With the advent of certain developments, the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery was opened in November 2001. The Art Gallery is located on the ground of an office building on Queen St within the city centre. It features high ceilings, a spacious environment and classic elegance. The total area of the two levels it utilises is 839 square meters. The venue offers an exhibition hall, Buddha Hall (Ch’an Meditation room), tearoom/restaurant, gift shop, classrooms and other facilities.






It is one of the few establishments that offer vegetarian fare. The exquisite menu is a favourite amongst the local clientele. It is open for lunch.



Gift Shop
The gift shop offers a wide selection of English and Chinese Buddhist literature, CD, cassette tapes as well as a range of Buddhist related merchandise.


Buddha Hall
Dharma services are held every Saturday, with the majority of attendees being overseas students. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ‘Drop-In Meditation’ sessions are offered. During other times, the public are welcome to pay their respects to the Buddha, study scriptures or practise meditation in the Buddha Hall.


Exhibitions at the Art Gallery
In accordance with the visions of Venerable Master Hsing Yun of ‘propagating Buddhism through culture’ and ‘beautifying the world through art’, every year Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery hosts five to six different exhibitions, in an effort to bring together Eastern and Western cultures and raise the level of cultural awareness in the community.


  • The Art of Ch’an’ Chinese Painting - by Mr. Kim Hoa Tram

The masterpieces being rich in meaning are achieved through the practice of Ch’an. A number of his works have been acquired by the National Art Gallery of Victoria.

  • Modern Australian Pottery and Ceramics

The modern Australian style has evolved from blending oriental influence originating from the Song Dynasty in China and from Japan with Australian characteristics.

  • The Beauty of Buddha’s Light - Dun Huang Cave Art

The Dun Huang art of cave painting originates from the Tang Dynasty. Its characteristic is the use of Buddha and Bodhisattva images, heavenly beings, Buddha’s Light (aura) and related images as the subject matter.
Bodhisattvas, where are you? - by Ms. H. C. Huang
Ms. Wang’s non-traditional and creative style challenges the audience to contemplate on the subject matter. Exploring the theme of Bodhisattvas, the artworks pose the questions ‘Where are the Bodhisattvas?’ and ‘Who are the Bodhisattvas?’



  Cultural Education
Religious Exchange - ‘Start of the Legal Year’ Buddhist Prayer Ceremony In keeping with a hundred year old tradition, the Victorian Law Association holds a religious ‘Start of the Legal Year’ Prayer Ceremony annually. Under the influence of multiculturalism, Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery hosted the ceremony for the first time in 2003. Participants included monastics of other Buddhists orders and nearly fifty legal professionals.


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Opening Hours
9 am - 5 am Tue-Sun and Public Holidays
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