Wearing of Masks- Staying Covid Safe Together

Staying Covid Safe Together

The wearing of masks is highly recommended and strongly encouraged when entering Nan Tien Temple.


As cluster outbreaks are occurring, we must remain vigilant in looking after each other by:

· observing social distancing

· reducing prolonged close interaction and contact

· proper hygiene practices

· staying at home when sick (please seek medical advice)

Wearing a face mask can provide an additional physical barrier and help to reduce community transmission.


“It is also increasingly apparent that many people who contract the coronavirus only have mild symptoms – or even no symptoms at all. These people will not know if they are transmitting COVID-19 to others – something which can occur in a variety of ways, including by a person who is in close proximity.

The wearing of a mask can help to stop an asymptomatic person’s respiratory droplets spreading the virus to another person.”

- Department of Health