2021 Eight Precepts Retreat




The Eight Precepts Retreat offers peace, tranquility and mindfulness in daily life and allows lay Buddhist a chance to practice traditional Buddhist etiquettes, experience the monastic lifestyle and purify the mind and encourage self-cultivation.

Observing precepts for even such a short time has tremendous benefits: one accumulates a great amount of positive potential (merit) in a short time. One will receive pleasant rebirths and eventually will attain enlightenment. One is protected from harm and the place where one lives becomes peaceful and prosperous. One's mind is peaceful and calm; one gains control over one's bad habits; there will be fewer distractions when meditating. One gets along better with others. One will meet the Buddha's teachings in the future and can be born as a disciple of Maitreya Buddha.


The 8 precepts must be undertaken by all participants for the duration of retreat: 1. To refrain from causing harm and taking life (both human and non-human). 2. To refrain from taking that what is not given (for example stealing, displacements that may cause


3. To refrain from sexual activity.

4. To refrain from false and incorrect speech: telling lies, deceiving others, manipulating others, using

hurtful words, etc. 5. To refrain from using intoxicating drinks and drugs.

6. To refrain from eating after midday (except if necessary for medical reasons).

7. To refrain from sensual entertainment, wearing perfume, and using cosmetics and garlands (decorative accessories).

8. To refrain from luxurious places for sitting or sleeping, and overindulging in sleep.

Nan Tien Temple