Variety Show of Shannxi Performing Troup

Happy Chinese New Year · The Glamour of Shaanxi
Variety Show of Shaanxi Performing Troupe in Sydney January 2020

Shaanxi has a long history which is one of the important cradles of Chinese civilization. It is known as a "natural history museum" because of its profound cultural accumulation and abundant cultural relics. It also shines for its spectacular scenery of beautiful mountains and rivers. In 2020, the China Culture Centre in Sydney and the China National Tourist Office in Sydney will cooperate with the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to continuously launch a series of events about Shaanxi culture and tourism. Shaanxi, this vivid historical book, is waiting for you to read......

During the Spring Festival, Shaanxi "Happy Chinese New Year” performing troupe will bring a number of splendid high-level performances to the local audience in Australia, showing the glamourous and long-history culture of Shaanxi. The Shaanxi performing troupe is organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, gathering the outstanding artists from Shaanxi Dance & Song troupe, Shaanxi Acrobatics Troupe and Shaanxi Wushu & Sports Centre. The exciting variety shows consist of song, dance, folk music, acrobatics and martial arts, which are full of strong Shaanxi characteristics and integrate Chinese traditional culture and innovative elements at the same time. We can’t wait to share with you the unique cultural charm of Shaanxi as the starting point of the "silk road". 


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