Harmony Day

Harmony Day-Poster
Nan Tien Temple


Nan Tien Temple and Co-organisers invite you to our annual Harmony Day, an exciting opportunity to share, network and celebrate the various faiths and cultures within our community.


This event strives to bring various religious and non-religious community groups together to cultivate unity, inspire cultural diversity and attempt to understand what makes up the cultural fabric of our society.


We would like to encourage attendees to bring along a piece of scripture or music for sharing that promotes peace and harmony, in addition to dressing in your own traditional costume, such as the Indian saris, Baju Kurung and so forth.


As part of the event, a special forum has been scheduled to discuss: "The role of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities for religious groups and communities in a modern society", an opportunity for us to explore the idea faith in the contemporary world.


Questions that may be presented:

  • How has AI changed your life?
  • How relevant has AI been to your life?
  • How has AI impacted your religion/faith?
  • Do you think it makes it easier/more difficult for you share your knowledge/tradition?  


We look forward to sharing your experience and expertise with us on this subject, as we are approaching an incredibly unique age in the history of humankind.


Please RSVP by 28 February, 2018.
Ph.:  Vivienne 02-4272 0610  or Email : function@nantien.org.au


Free of charge. All are welcome!


Funding for 2018 Harmony Day Event has been provided by the NSW Government  through Multicultural NSW