Fo Guang Shan Er-You Temple


Fo Guang Yuan Box Hill is situated in the eastern suburb of Box Hill, the hub of the City of Whitehorse. It is located 15km from the city and is well serviced by public transport. One-third of the local community are of Chinese origin. It has been established to for the convenience of devotees from the eastern suburbs and it officially opened on August 17 2002. The establishment consists of a Buddha Hall used for weekly services, a classroom to run courses, a quiet study room displaying a selection of literature for perusal and a display room to exhibit student projects. Dharma services are held every Saturday. A range of art and craft classes and interest groups are also run. The educational and cultural emphasis of the activities offered aim to service the community and purify the mind.



Propagating the Dharma

  • Weekly Dharma services
  • Light Offering and Eradication of Calamities Dharma Function
  • Great Repentance Dharma Function
  • Ch’an Meditation class
  • Dharma talks
  • Buddhist Study Groups
  • Chinese calligraphy class
  • Tai Chi class
  • Beginner’s Buddhism course
  • Buddhist Hymn class
  • Chinese School  
+61 (3) 9890 3996
+61 (3) 9890 5831
Opening Hours
9 am - 5 pm Tue-Sun and Public Holidays
Closed on Mondays