Conference Services

Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong offers unique conference facilities and packages. The Temple offers a diverse and picturesque function centre with a high class Conference Room, Auditorium and several smaller meeting/conference rooms; which facilitate both large and small conference groups. If you are considering organising a conference and would like something unique why not consider these serene, picturesque facilities.

Technical Support for Conference/Functions:can be hired, simultaneous voice translation, individual microphones in the conference room, public sound addressing system, cinematic A/V and data projection, 35mm slide projection, TV & video system, sound proof room, control room – lighting and sound, quick change dressing room and staging facilities in the auditorium and microphones.

Many corporate groups have taken advantage of the activities offered by the Temple, incorporating them into their conferences and workshops. By adding activities such as meditation and relaxation techniques, Managers have found it beneficial to their team and business strategies.

Nan Tien Temple can also organise internal or external catering (vegetarian only) for your function.


Nan Tien Temple
180 Berkeley Road , Berkeley NSW 2506 Australia
Phone: +61 2 4272 0600

*For more detailed information about the conference, please look at Conference Booklet

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