Pearls of Wisdom

Prayers for Engaged Living 

By Louvenia Ortega


Among the many offerings that Buddhist make to the Buddha are incense, flowers, candles, and fruits. We make these offerings out of respect to the Buddha, not because the Buddha demands such offerings or because we expect to be rewarded by the Buddha for our offerings. We also offer ourselves when we bow and prostrate before the Buddha. To this list of offerings we may also add our words in the form of prayers to the Great Compassionate Buddha.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun has written this beautiful and comprehensive collection of Buddhist prayers to help Buddhists of all schools to focus their thoughts and to offer to the Buddha the beautiful words of praise, gratitude, and thanksgiving. It is our hope that readers of these prayers will meditate upon the words and how they apply to their lives; will see their situation through the eyes of wisdom; and will act to bring about the changed that they desire in their lives.

On the path towards enlightenment we will receive help from many sources, and prayer or praise offerings will play a major role for many practitioners. It is hoped these special prayers by Venerable Master Hsing Yun will take the reader far along the path towards enlightenment.






The prayers are categorized in four sections of two books published by the Buddha’s Light Publishing (USA). We plan to put some of them online for sharing with the readers. The readers can not only read and pray online by selecting the prayer on the left-hand menu, but also print out hard copies for future use. There are two options for printing 

  • Download a PDF version of the prayer from the top-right toolbar on the prayer page.
  • Print the prayer from the web browser. The lay-out of the prayer is structured to fix in an A4 paper. You need to adjust all the margins (top, bottom , left and right) to get a desired view.

Lastly we would like to remind the readers that more prayers are to be online in the near future and please check back with our website to see what are new. Also the two books of prayer can be purchased at the Museum of the Temple. (Ph. 02-4272 0624) 





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