A Prayer for the HSC Candidates

By Venerable Master Hsing Yun 


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

We pray to you today with our hearts and good wishes.

Please bless and assist those students

Who are participating in this year’s HSC examination.

May they be successful and be satisfied with the results.


I pray to you, Buddha,

To allow them to take the examination calmly.


In order to be successful, 

Some would study through the night. 

Forgetting their meals and rests, ignoring their health.


Oh Buddha!

Please give them health and confidence.

Please help to alleviate their mental pressure.

Please help them to develop strong perseverance, and exercise agile wisdom.

Help them to exercise agile wisdom,

So that they can understand what they have learned;

So that they can practically apply their knowledge.


Great Compassionate Buddha!

Please let all candidates during the examination:

To possess calm and clear minds;

To be able to quickly resolve all problems.

So that they can complete the examination quickly.

So that they can perform to their best ability.


Great Compassionate Buddha!

Examinations have certain standards;

Some may pass and some may fail.


For those who pass this examination; 

Do not mean they will have a successful future.

For those who fail this examination; 

Do not mean their will suffer a doomed future.


Oh Buddha! You have taught us the Law of Causality.

"That all phenomena are results of causal conditions; and

That all phenomena end when causal conditions cease to exist" 

In the world of conditional causation,

Every experience is a stepping-stone to go forward.

Every success or failure is a lesson for the future.


Oh Buddha! Please bless and assist those who are successful;

May they continue with their success in the future; so that

They can contribute their skills,

They can uphold their family honour,

They can become the elites of society, and

They can become the pillars of the nation.


Oh Buddha! Please console those who are unsuccessful;

May they learn from this experience; so that

They can regroup their efforts without feeling disheartened.


Great Compassionate Buddha!

Please accept my sincerest prayer!

Please accept my sincerest prayer!


Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.