A Prayer for Our Parents, Relatives, and Friends

By Vernerable Master Hsing Yun


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

It is said,

"Trees wish for stillness

Yet fierce winds do not cease;

Children wish to render support to parents,

Yet their parents are no longer around."


Of the senior members of my family,

Some have departed from this world,

Some are still in completely good health;

However, we feel ashamed and repentant

That we have not rendered enough devotion and support,

Nor repayment, to them


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Since we emerged from the womb,

Our parents have raised and educated us,

Our relatives have supported us;

We have received so much from them

But seldom repay their kindness

When we cried, they gave us joy

When we were disappointed, they gave us encouragement;

In each requirement of livelihood, they gave us provision;

Through hardships and setbacks, they gave us comfort.

They have given us so many expressions of loving-kindness

They have given us so much tenderness and thoughtfulness,

And we hardly ever repay them.

Our parents, especially,

Have taught and admonished us with patience,

Have raised us through many hardships.

Even ravens and lambs know how to repay their parents;

Are we not as good as these creatures at showing filial piety to our parents?


Oh Buddha!

You once carried the coffin for your father,


You also once travel afar in order to teach Dharma to your mother.

As disciples of yours

We regretfully did not follow your teaching and admonitions after all.

Please grant us faith and strength;

We wish to bring honor to our deceased ancestors,

We wish to guide our living relatives;

Please bless and protect our parents and relatives;

May they enjoy happiness, longevity, good health and peaceful lives,

May they be safe and at ease.

If we have honor, we wish to share it with them;

If we have wealth, we wish them also to be free from need.


Buddha, we pray to you:

Allow us to offer repayment to our relatives in this lifetime;

Allow the sincere gratitude in our hearts to gain approval from our elders.


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

The virtuous ancients were so grateful

That they repaid the favor of mere drops of water with a spurting spring;

All that we have in this world

Came from our parents, relatives, and friends.

Therefore, we pray to you even more:

Allow us to be able to share the burdens of our parents and teachers;

Allow us to be able to endure the sufferings of our close relatives and friends for them.


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Please gratify your disciples' humble sincerity!

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Please gratify your disciples' humble sincerity!


Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.