A Prayer for One's Husband

By Venerable Master Hsing Yun 


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Your disciple would like to tell you sincerely:

When I was little,

I grew up under my parents's care and protection.

Since reaching adulthood,

I married my husband and have shared my life with him.


Please allow me to speak my heart:

Being a woman,

Building a new family with a man,

And having and raising children

I have been through all kinds

Of indescribable suffering and hardships.

In particular, my concern for my husband

Preoccupies me every moment.


Today, I would like to pray to you

With utmost sincerity for my husband:

May he not just toil in the pursuit of wealth,

But also work for the cultivation of virtue;

May he not just conduct himself in life with competency,

But also treat others generously, with compassion;

May he not just strive in his career,

But also look after the well-being of both his mind and body;

May he not just take care of social engagements,

But also care for the harmony and happiness of our family.

I pray that he will not only love and protect

His wife and children,

But also loves and protects

The parents and relatives of others,

And even loves and protects all humanity and all beings.

May he leave time for our family, besides striving at work,

So that we can enjoy an interesting life filled with humor,

And the warmth of being happy and together.


Oh great, compassionate Buddha,

May my husband not avoid the responsibilities of family;

May he not love the new, and detest our long relationship;

May he not become indebted or wasteful in finances;

May he do no evil nor act criminally in society.


I pray that all husbands are able to understand that:

When you are laden with work,

Your wife and children will extend their sublime respect to you;

When you are toiling and busy,

Your wife and children will offer their sincere blessings to you;

When you are defeated,

Your wife and children will view you as a great hero;

When you are away from home,

Your wife and children will wait at home for your return.


Oh great, compassionate Buddha,

Since our marriage,

We have vowed eternal love and shown mutual affection in every possible way;

We have trusted, and been thoughtful to, one another.

I pray that my husband will have generosity,

That he will not dislike my occasional nagging,

And that we will maintain the sweetness of our original heart.

I pray that my husband will be more caring to our family,

That he will not cut off communication when away from home,

And that we can be joined together, inseparable and united in heart.


Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

I pray for my husband:

May he never become attached to wealth, power, or fame;

Let him realize that ordinariness is greatness,

And demanding nothing is sublime;

May he never covet sensual pleasure; let him understand:

The wife who is with him in hardship is the long-lasting one,

And safety and peace are exquisite;

Please grant my husband longevity and good health;

Please grant my husband peace and good fortune.


Oh great, compassionate Buddha,

Please accept my sincerest prayer!

Oh great, compassionate Buddha,

Please accept my sincerest prayer!


Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.