IBAA Parramatta


IBAA ParramattaIBAA Parramatta (Nan Tien Vihara) is situated in the western suburb of Sydney, about 40 minutes drive from the CBD. Vihara is the spiritual home of Buddhist devotees in Sydney, and it is also the center of most activities. The premise features a reception area, offices, classrooms, dining hall, library, guest room, Buddha Hall and an underground car park.


IBAAP-2.jpg Study Groups
English Buddhism Group,Youth Group, Lay Dharma Lecturer Group, Translation Group and others


Art and Craft Classes

Meditation Class, English Class, Choir Group, Er-Hu Practical Music Class, Beading Class, Art of Flower Arrangement and others.
Chinese School
Chinese Language Class, Painting Class, Maths Class and others
Radio Programs
2CR Chinese Radio Station
FM106.9 English Radio Station
Workshops for Devotees
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Cultural Exchange

IBAA Paramatta is actively involved in various community programs, including participation in inter-religious discussions on family issues; and supporting the economic and cultural exchange between Taiwan and Australia.
Hosts temple tours for visiting groups and organisations.
Actively participates in public events, such as National Tree Day and Clean-Up Australia Day. 



+61 (2) 9893 9390
+61 (2) 9893 9340
Opening Hours
9 am - 5 pm Tue-Sun and Public Holidays
Closed on Mondays