The Beauty in Being Natural

Beauty is what everyone pursues.  When it is not something one is born with, there is help available through means of beauty products and even cosmetic surgery to enhance one’s looks.  But no matter how hard one tries to achieve the perfect look, it is no comparison to the beauty in just being natural.


Look at the beauty of nature: the crystal blue sky, the floating white clouds, the colourful rainbow after it rains, the twinkling stars at night.  Climb to the top of a mountain at night, when the moon is bright, the air crisp, and one can see as far as the eyes can reach, and appreciate the panoramic beauty of nature and the open vastness of the universe.


In this universe of ours, there are lofty mountains and steep cliffs, there are rushing rivers, lush forests and boundless deserts.  All these naturally beautiful landscapes of the world are odes to the beauty and wonder of nature.  The beauty of nature really enchants and fascinates us!  In the pursuit of beauty, we may make up artificially for what is lacking naturally.  Whether we are landscaping a garden, decorating a house, fashioning a wardrobe, or even changing our physical figure or posture, we need to design them in harmony with nature in order to achieve a high standard of beauty.  So it buildings are ostentatiously designed or is people are overly made-up, they lose the beauty of being natural.  To be pretentious and affected is to forfeit natural beauty.


There seems to be no standard for beauty, but there should be some guiding principles for it.  Beauty should be pleasant to behold, and also able to purify one’s spirit, sublimate one’s mind, open up one’s heart and transcend worldliness – the true meaning of beauty lies in the ability to beautify our lives.


In pursuing the beauty of being natural, when speaking we should do so with humour, in dealing with others we should be reasonable, and in handling business we should be gracious.  Then beauty in being natural may be close at hand.  The valiance of men and gentleness of woman, the kindliness of seniors and the innocence of children; as long as they are not overdoing it, are all life’s examples of beauty in being natural.