One Seed

Do not look down on a small seed. A tree grows and reproduces because of a seed. A small acorn planted in the soil can grow into a tall oak tree that produces many more acorns. Do not think that a seed is not important because all plants depends on it to procreate, and if the universe does not have seeds, there will be no flowers or fruits.


There are both good and bad seeds. Good seeds grow well and create a bountiful harvest, and naturally, the bad ones fare poorly. Therefore, farmers all prefer good seeds. Today’s agriculturists improve species by grafting, and they also choose good species to do so. Similarly, when breeding animals, good species are chosen. Before a couple decides to marry, they each have a physical and blood tests because of their concern for their next generation. They too are concerned with their “seeds” or genes.


We can appreciate how a seed can change the world; therefore, every deed we do, every thought that arises, and every word we say should not be considered a small matter. According to reports, when a butterfly in Beijing flutters its wings, it can affect the air in Europe. As the saying goes, “Pulling a piece of hair on the head can provoke the entire body.” A drop of water can flow into all rivers and seas. Throwing a small pebble in the ocean can ripple off the five continents and seven oceans. More than two thousand years ago, cultivated monks from India came to China and brought with them some seeds of walnuts, pepper, squash, and sesame. All of these “foreign” species have now become common commodities in China. Therefore, “Do not think that a small kind deed is insignificant and a minor evil act is small enough to justify.” The “truth of a seed” should never be ignored.


“There is a world in every flower and a Buddha in each leaf.” One is not little and ten thousand is not much. Even Daoists say, “One becomes two, and two makes four, while four brings infinites.” We can appreciate from “one seed” how wondrous the number one is: one seed, one flower, one tree, one hill, one country, one world, and one universe. One is like a seed that can be big and small, or many and little. It can also be simply one or infinity.


We start planting with one seed, donating with one dollar, speaking with one kind word, and acting with one good deed. When we have all the beautiful causes and conditions with “one,” we need not worry about not reaping a harvest of beautiful fruit. Since a seed or a kind thought is “one,” we should never take it lightly!