A Sense of Mission in Life

People often ask, “Why do humans live in this world? What is the meaning of life?” The answer to these questions is, “Humans live for a mission in this world, and the meaning of life lies in their sense of mission!”


Different people have different missions in life. Some people vow to serve their country. Others want to benefit their family by establishing a business. There are people who appreciate the importance of education and dedicate themselves to teaching, and those who think of serving the community by manufacturing products.


Parents take educating their children as their mission and are willing to work hard toward that end. Some spouses make sacrifices in order to help their partner succeed. Soldiers in battle are prepared to die for their country. Teachers spend their life teaching and lecturing in class. Medical professionals work around the clock to save lives and alleviate suffering. Religious leaders live a life of simplicity so as to spread the truth and liberate all sentient beings. In addition, truckers and drivers transport people and goods day and night, journalists and reporters risk their lives in order to get to the bottom of the truth, and actors laugh and cry in performances to entertain their audience. They all have their missions in life.


People need a mission in life. There are, however, many who do not have any sense of their mission. They spend their days doing nothing but eating and playing. They loiter here and there, never take up a proper job, and sometimes make a living by swindling and cheating. With no sense of purpose their lives have little meaning. Even animals have a mission. Dogs watch homes and guide the blind, cats catch mice, roosters crow at dawn, bees pollinate plants, oxen pull carts, and horses carry riders for miles. As humans, how can we possibly have no mission in life?