The True Meaning of Love

Love has many faces – selfish or unconditional, deranged or purified, finite or infinite, vulgar or transcendent.  Love is an instinct and it can give us strength and hope, but it must comply with morality and law for it to be invaluable.


Everything will be impossible if there were no love; therefore, we must have love in order to have broad affinities and a heart of gold.  There must be love between husband and wife, parents and children, friends and friends.  We must strive to be like a Bodhisattva who has loving-kindness and compassion for all beings.


There will be no order or morality if there was no love because love maintains our personal relationships and establishes the differences between friends and families.


However, love is not a one-way street, for true love is not possession, but sacrifices.  If we truly love someone, we must help him or her to accomplish everything in life and wish him or her the best of luck.  However, there must be some discretion to our love.  There must be some differentiation among the objects of our love.  Truth, justice and goodness should be on the top of our list, whereas lies, injustice and evil should always be excluded.  We should also strive to broaden the scope of our love not only to include our loved ones, but also our country, our world, and the peace of our race.


Looking at today’s society, there is no true love.  What we have are distortions and abuses.  Instead of true love, we have lust and greed.  Without good causes and conditions, love is the source of crime and it will bring harm to us as well as other.  For example, misplaced love between a man and a woman can result in adultery or a short-term pleasure-seeking trip.


In order to have long lasting love, we must first cultivate good causes and conditions.  We must learn to have the right kind of love, which can lead to the fulfillment of truth, beauty and goodness.  In true love, we must use compassion to purify the objects of our love.  In true love, we must use wisdom to lead our loved ones toward the right direction.  In true love, we must use kindness and goodness to help others in accomplishing their goals.  In true love, we must use morality to protect every living being.  Since the meaning of life comes from love, we must use true and purified love to dignify this wonderful world of ours.