The Way to Happiness

Happiness is something pursued by everyone in this world. Some believe money brings happiness, but the suffering and pain money brings could be abundant. As the Chinese saying goes, " People die for money," just as robbers would often kill for money. During China' s Cultural Revolution, those who were persecuted were mostly-wealthy people. Sometimes, the suffering the wealthy endure are far worse than those of the poor.


Then there are some who believe love is the source of happiness. Love is beautiful, l^mt love brings even more suffering to people. Many tragedies in this world resulted from being unable to conquer the hurdle of love. Many were troubled by love and ruined their careers and reputations as a result, or worse still, they killed themselves because of love.


Others believe that fame would enhance happiness, for those who are famous would be able to achieve their ambitions. However, many in high positions often fail to ben-. efit the populace and are only concerned about their status. In the process, they lose the support of the public and sometimes even themselves. There are also some who find happiness in academic studies. But for most, the deeper their studies are the worse their attachments and discriminations become, giving rise to problems in thought. Studies end up being their dead - end alley in life.


We all pursue happiness, so where is happiness? First, happiness is inside our hearts. The contentment, tolerance, wisdom and faith in our hearts are the fountain of happiness inside us. Second, happiness lies in genuine affection and honor. In treating others with sincerity and integrity brings happiness. Third,  happiness exists in the friendship between self and others. Nobody can live without friends for friendship provides support and happiness. Fourth, happiness is where liberation is. For if one can see through the phenomena of the world, and be liberated from troubles and suffering, then happiness is realized.


Money does not equal unhappiness, as long as we know how to make good use of it and not be enslaved by it then it can bring us happiness. Similarly, love can also bring happiness, but love needs to be purified and sublimed and, not selfish or tainted. Social status can also be a source of happiness if its accomplishments could be shared with others, thus benefiting both self and others. We should not only be pursuing sensual pleasures: seeing beautiful things, hearing wonderful sounds, smelling fragrant scents, tasting delicious food and feeling physical comforts. Such happiness from the sensory organs is only momentary and unrealistic.


We should instead be in pursuit of the ''' joy of non - attachment, " meaning not attaching"" to the five senses. We should " cultivate our bodhi mind without attachment" to achieve true happiness. It is only when we have the truth and Dharma joy in our hearts, and discover the treasure inside our hearts that we are able to attain lasting happiness.