Baby Blessing Ceremony

There is nothing more precious to parents than their new-born child and nothing more important to them than he/she live ahappy, healthy and safe life. To that end at Nan Tien Temple, we have a special Baby Blessing to ensure that your child begins life under the guidance of the Buddha's teachings and blessings. Born with true Buddha nature, we pray that he/she will realize that nature during his/her life time and live in peace and harmony.


Baby Blessing Ceremony is an opportunity to bless your child(ren) under the protection and guidance of the Buddha so they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. A certificate will be presented to each child, which can be personalised with their photo!  If you would like to include your baby’s face on the Certificate, please send a recent photo to Be sure to include your baby’s name and ceremony date in the email! 


Calling all expectant mums! Please join us for a celebratory “Baby Shower”! During this ceremony you and your impending arrival will be blessed under the Buddha’s Light . Each mum-to-be will receive a commemorative certificate and her baby a Buddhist (Dharma) name if requested.


Further information for baby blessings may be obtained from Reception at Nan Tien Temple. Your friends and relatives are very welcome to attend this ceremony which will be conducted by a Reverend in the Main Shrine under the gaze of the five Buddha's of Confidence, Longevity, Wisdom, Inner Beauty and Peace.


Donations to our education fund would be gratefully accepted.



Timetable for  Baby Blessing Festival:

30th March 2024
21st July 2024
20th October 2024

14:00pm at NanTien Temple


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