Light Offering Ceremony

In the Buddhist tradition, the making of an offering allows one to practice giving, to express gratitude and respect and to reflect upon the life sustaining law of interdependence.
The offering of light extinguishes darkness, it symbolically represents the way in which wisdom dispels ignorance.
By offering light to the Buddha, one also offers light to themselves.
The Fo Guang Shan Light Offering Ceremony, involves the chanting of the Medicine Buddha Mantra, the Buddha of Healing; one of the trinity of Buddhas, the others being the founder of Buddhism, Sakaymuni Buddha and Amitabha Buddha of the Pure Land.
Chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra bestows the healing blessings of the Medicine Buddha; blessings for mind, body and soul.
For good health, wisdom and emotional well-being; for themselves, their loved ones and for their neighbors, the people of the world.

(Source: FGS Melbourne)