Our Museum is a showcase of historic, cultural and artistic aspects of Chinese culture and Buddhism. Upon entering visitors are treated to a depiction of the Buddhist Pureland, the back wall of which is natural rock.
The Mirrored Gallery (Avatamsaka World) is a stunning display representing the Avatamsaka Sutra. Five Buddha statues, a 30 kilogram crystal ball and array of fairy lights awe both children and adults alike.





     Museum Entrance  


      Mirrored Gallery



Inside the main exhibition area our displays change regularly. Chinese cultural, as well as Buddhist, artworks and artifacts are regularly on rotation so visitors always have something new to see. However some exhibits such as a spectacular 1000 year old wood carving and “microscopic” sutra writings are permanent.

Visitors who would like to purchase a keepsake or gift can do so in the adjoining gift shop. Books, CD’s, cassettes, ornaments and jewellery are all on sale, as well as traditional souvenirs to suit any budget.






                    1000 year Old Wood Carving      


                Microscopic Sutra Writings