2023 Nan Tien Buddha's Birthday Cultural Festival




Help us celebrate Buddha’s Birthday!

Buddha’s birth is a time of great happiness for many around the world. This year we celebrate Vesak with a free, family friendly festival over the Easter long weekend - April Friday 7th to Monday 10th / 9am – 5pm.


(Please refer to full timetable for times)


BATHING OF THE BUDDHA: We welcome everyone to join in this tradition! The Bathing of the Buddha Ceremony involves pouring a ladle of fragrant water over a statue of the young Buddha (Prince Siddhartha). As the water washes away dirt from the body, it reminds us how we must also CLEANSE OUR MINDS of anger, greed and ignorance.


BODHI CINEMA: Enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of the festival by settling into our very own cinema to view Buddhist-centric short films!


‘THE EVERLASTING STAR IN HUMANITY’ EXHIBITION: In loving memory of our late Founder, Venerable Master Hsing Yun.


LUMBINI & LIFE OF THE BUDDHA EXHIBITION:  In honour of Prince Siddhartha’s birthplace, we will present a special display of Lumbini. This beautiful garden, situated at the bottom of the Nepalese mountains, was where the future Buddha was born! There will also be a display showing the amazing life of Prince Siddhartha and how his journey resulted in him becoming the Buddha, the Awakened One.


CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES: There will be plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained!

* Treasure Hunt: Your children will have a blast exploring the Temple and completing the fun tasks required to claim their treasure!

* Outdoor Game: ‘Where are you Buddha?’

*Storytelling and Meditation

* Three Acts of Goodness Mindful Art Activities

* Face Painting

* Fairy Floss


VEGETARIAN FOOD FAIR:  Visit our vegetarian food fair on the east hallway of level 3 peruse our numerous food stalls or one of our two vegetarian cafes for freshly made treats. Afterwards, visit the ‘Vege Plan A’ stall for some vegetarian home cooking inspiration and recipes!



BABY BLESSING: Saturday 8th April, 2pm:

Our Baby Blessing Ceremony is an opportunity to bless your child(ren) under the protection and guidance of the Buddha so they may live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Born with true Buddha nature, we pray that your child will realise that nature during their lifetime and live in peace and harmony. There is also a blessing for expectant Mums as well!


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MULTICULTURAL CONCERT: Sunday 9th April, 12-1pm:

Immerse yourself in a vibrant fusion of professional musicians, dancers and poets from Ghana, Indonesia, Armenia, Jewish, India, China and Ireland! This impressive concert will celebrate ‘Gratitude and Compassion’ to honour the life and teachings of the Buddha and our late Founder of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order, Venerable Master Hsing Yun.


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Social Circus is a program run by Kind Art Ed that is open to all ages and abilities. The program uses circus skills, such as juggling, balancing, and clowning to promote physical activity, creativity, and social connectedness. The program is designed to help participants develop resilience, self-esteem, and teamwork skills while providing a safe and inclusive space for them to learn new skills, express themselves and have fun.



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