2024 Ullambana Festival Offerings to the Sangha

Ullambana Festival is an annual celebration. It provides an opportunity to express our filial piety by giving offerings to the Sangha Community. It is also Filial Piety Month as named by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, founder of Fo Guang Shan according to the Buddha’s discipline. His principle for Sangha offering is to give offerings annually instead of one meal, for a community rather than a few people, and for the future rather than the present.

Fo Guang Shan was founded over fifty years ago. It has nurtured more than a thousand monastics who are now spread worldwide to propagate the Buddha dharma. Currently there are many students studying at the Buddhist College for the same purpose. This is possible due to the ongoing support of sponsors. In appreciation to their contribution, the Filial Piety Month and Sangha Offering was initiated so that the sponsors may gather merit and virtue to repay the four great gratitudes above and to aid the three paths of sufferings below.

The Sangha Offering ceremony will commence at 10.00am on Sunday August 11th. There will be chanting, offerings to the Sangha, cultural performances and dedication of merits to the contributors. The Amitabha Triple Contemplation Dharma Service will be held at 1.00pm in the Main Shrine. The service is dedicated to peace and safety for all.
All are welcome to participate!







Nan Tien Temple