Buddhism Class

Spend a night in wisdom and cultivation


This Buddhism course introduces several fundamental concepts of the Buddhist faith for students of any age, experience, culture or religion. Students have the opportunity to discuss and explore how to integrate Buddhist concepts and practice in their lives to help them discover inner peace and happiness.

Students are also welcome to attend the Wednesday night meditation class. 

Each term covers different topics.



  The Buddha's teachings are contained in an immense number of sutras, treatises, and commentaries, making it a daunting task to acquire an integrative understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Venerable Master Hsing Yun illuminates these complex concepts with insights from decades of practice. A clear and accurate understanding of the core of the Buddha's teachings is essential for putting them into practice and progressing on the path of enlightenment. The Core Teachings is a precious jewel for beginners and advanced students of Buddhism alike.


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