Eight Precepts Retreat

Lay Buddhists have the opportunity to retreat from the world. This retreat offers peace, tranquility and mindfulness in daily life, and encourage self-cultivation.


The Eight Precepts to be undertaken by all participants are:

  1. To refrain from destroying living creatures.
  2. To refrain from taking that which is not given.
  3. To refrain from sexual activity.
  4. To refrain from false and incorrect speech.
  5. To refrain from intoxicating drinks and drugs.
  6. To refrain from eating after midday (except if necessary for medical reasons).
  7. To refrain from sensual entertainment and use of bodily adornments.
  8. To refrain from using a high or luxurious bed.





a)   To allow lay Buddhists a chance to practise traditional Buddhist etiquettes.
b)   To allow lay Buddhists a chance to experience the monastic lifestyle.
c)   To allow lay Buddhists a chance to purify the mind and encourage self-cultivation.






a)   Must have right understanding and right beliefs on Buddhism.
b)   Must be willing to accept the experiences of the Buddhist monastic lifestyle.
c)   Must be in a good physical and mental health.
d)   Must keep Noble Silence throughout the Retreat.
e)   Must be above 16 years of age and be self-sufficient.


  • Learning in the Main Shrain

    Learning in the Main Shrain

  • Attending Presentation

    Attending Presentation

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