Weekend Meditation Retreat

While for many, the monastic life is not an option, all of us love and need to retreat from the world occasionally. Such retreats allow us to refocus our lives and reawaken parts of ourselves suppressed by the life that we have been living.


Every month, Nan Tien Temple offers that perfect retreat; peace, tranquillity and comfort. Staying overnight  in the wonderful Pilgrim Lodge, you will enjoy healthy vegetarian meals, receive excellent teaching in Buddhist meditation and of course, meditate. 


The program is suitable for all, regardless of background. Beginners are welcome! The cost covers meals, accommodation, materials and teacher's instructions.


Bookings are essential.



2022 Weekend Meditation Retreat Timetable


   Three Day

Fri 7:00pm
Sun 1:00pm


   Two Day 

Sat 9:00am
Sun 1:00pm


Sample timetable download: 2-Day Meditation Retreat pdf.gif, 3-Day Meditation Retreat pdf.gif

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Important Information So You Can Gain The Most Benefit From The Retreat


1) This Retreat includes activities such as Tai Chi, walking meditation and sitting for prolonged periods of time. Pregnant women and those with physical ailments/ill-health are advised to consult their Doctor to assess their suitability.


2) Meditation and self-contemplation can provoke negative feelings in some people experiencing psychological issues. Those affected are urged to seek medical advice from their Health Care Professional before applying.


We cannot accept any responsibility for complications that may arise.


For further information, please contact us on
Nan Tien Temple Pilgrim Lodge
PO Box 1336, Unanderra NSW 2526 
Phone: (02) 4272 0500 
Email: pilgrimlodge@nantien.org.au


*Latest update: April 2020
* Activities are subject to change without notice
* Prices are subject to change without notice
* GST inclusive