2021 Fo Guang 3G Young Artist Award

SDG2 Zero Hunger Drawing Competition


The International Year of Fruit and Vegetables 2021 reminds us of the importance of fruits and vegetables in nutrition, health and food security. as well as in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


The SDG 2 Zero Hunger Drawing Competition encourages children to appreciate the benefit of fruits and vegetables, and to express in colours and pictures their hope and gratitude for food, the environment and the world.  


Theme: SDG2 Zero Hunger


Open to: 5-12 years old


Format: Manual or Digital


Dimensions: 297mm x 420mm (A3)


Entries Close: 10/4/2021


Notification: 1/5/2021


Information: 61-2-9893 9390



Buddha's Light Award (1 winner per group)

Distinction Award (1 winner per group)

Outstanding Award (5 winner per group)

Excellence Award (10 winner per group)



IBAA Parramatta