Become a Special Religious Education Teacher

Become a Special Religious Education Teacher

This education program teaches you how to help children in realising their full potential with Buddhist teachings and the latest research in Mindfulness-based learning practices.

Nan Tien Temple is an approved provider of Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW Government Schools. 

The Nan Tien Temple’s Special Religious Education (SRE) classes received accreditation with the Department of Education in 2017 and now reaches over 15,000 students per year and features the latest research in Mindfulness-based Learning Practices.

With an increase in anxiety and depression in children linked to childhood stress, the Nan Tien Temple's Buddhist Special Religious Education Program encourages students to integrate the Buddha’s teachings of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity into their daily lives.

As a Buddhist SRE Teacher, you will receive: 
•    Quality training and Professional Development
•    Comprehensive Accredited Curriculum, Lesson Plans and Resources
•    Ongoing training and support
•    Fulfilling and Fun Work Environment!

Special Religious Education aids students in:
•    Fostering spiritual well-being
•    Encouraging positive personal values.
•    Cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose
•    Broadening education and learning
•    Building a support network






Children are encouraged to think, reflect, explore and act through practical lessons, eventually realising their very own Buddha-nature.

With our quality training, lesson plans & resources, you'll find this course is both fulfilling and fun!

If you're interested in joining, or would to learn more -


Please Contact:

Contact Venerable Zhi Li
(Social Education Department, Nan Tien Temple)
+61 (2) 4272 0600 |