SUNDAY 21st of March 2021
10:00AM – 2:15PM


In support of the 20th year anniversary of Harmony Week in Australia, Nan Tien Temple is offering a day of enrichment and unity. As a Buddhist temple, we reflect upon how thankful we are to be part of this wonderful multicultural community.

We are also aware of the concept of harmony from a Buddhist perspective… Peace, compassion and balance.

Although harmony is important in the context of society, it is also vital on a personal level. To be harmonious within yourself enables us to better coincide and serve one another.

This Harmony Day, on Sunday 21st March, we will be running personally enriching workshops which cultivate mindfulness and highlight how important harmonious practice really is.

Choose from one of the 5 activities below, then decide if you would like to add a delicious vegetarian lunch. You can also be audience to our free Nan Tien Talk, “Finding Harmony in our Everyday Life” 



Harmonious Flower Arrangement – With professional Florist, Sue Wong

Join us in celebrating an intimate connection with nature, inspired by the Seasons. Find balance in the branches, learn unity from the blossoms. Teach yourself how to remain present in the moment, free from distraction.

Your teacher Sue will be your step-by-step guide for creating stunning, environmentally friendly seasonal arrangements with flowers, vines, grasses and twigs, using recycled materials and containers. You’ll be taking home your lovely flowers, as well as a fresh new mindset.

Cost: $20pp inc. flowers
(Please note you will be required to bring in some items which will be listed when you order your ticket) 

Harmonious watercolour painting – With prize winning Artist and Art Teacher, Linda Brown

Watercolour painting can seem a bit difficult at first but once you learn the skills and become harmonious with your medium, you can create magic!

Linda Brown, will guide you through all the basic techniques to get you started in pen and wash watercolour painting.

You will learn to draw various fruits, apply washes of watercolour and use ink pens to enhance your artworks.

Cost: $20pp all material supplied


Harmonious Gardening – With Nan Tien Temple monastic and Head of Landscaping, Reverend Miao You

There is probably nothing that exemplifies the necessity for harmony more than Mother Nature! All plants, weather conditions and animals must coincide to produce a thriving eco-system!

As you lovingly tend to your outdoor environment take the opportunity to also care for yourself! In addition to physical exercise and fresh air, if you garden with mindfulness, you are also creating harmony through meditation.

Enjoy spending a peaceful hour in Nan Tien Temple’s gardens and being one with nature and yourself!

 Cost: FREE 
(Please note you will be required to wear certain items to ensure your safety. These will be listed when you order your ticket) 


Harmonious Tai Chi – With professional instructor, Sun Raven

According to Chinese medicine, “Chi” is the vital energy which flows through our bodies. When this energy is blocked we can feel stressed, sick or emotionally out of balance.

Tai Chi is an effective way to restore the body’s harmony and help maintain peace of mind! 

Our experienced teacher has been practicing Tai Chi for many years and has many regular students. Sun Raven will attentively guide you through multiple poses whilst explaining their benefits. 

Cost: FREE
(Please note you will be required to wear certain items to ensure your safety. These will be listed when you order your ticket) 

Harmonious Meditation – With a resident monastic Nan Tien Temple 

Whether or not you are Buddhist, meditation is recognised as a powerful tool for calming the mind. It is amazing how much our mind "chatters" with unproductive thoughts which disrupts our inner harmony! When we meditate, we learn the skills to calm these thoughts, allowing us to cultivate inner peace and happiness!

Your teacher will guide you through breathing techniques, correct posture and guidance so that you can feel comfortable meditating independently at home. 

The class will allow time to share experiences, reflect and ask any questions you may have regarding your meditation journey.

Cost: FREE
(Please note you will be required to wear certain items. These will be listed when you order your ticket) 

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