Nan Tien Talk: Make a difference: Dharma Sharing & Doodling Workshop





After last month's successful Dharma Conversation with Ven Dr Jue Wei, the Nan Tien Talk series continues in October.

Please join Ven You Ji in Making a Difference: Dharma Sharing & Doodling Workshop via Zoom


Saturday October 24th

1:30pm-3:00pm SYD

The COVID-19 pandemic has created in our everyday lives, unforeseen challenges. It has taken a significant toll on people across the world. In this time of pandemic, what do we need most and how can we make a difference to others, to the world? 
Kindness is the best form of Humanity. Doodling is an outlet for every day creativity. When kindness and doodling come together, we can make a difference in a creative way. Learn to doodle a wishing card and gift it to someone as an act of kindness.


Venerable Youji is the Curator of the Nan Tien Art Gallery in Nan Tien Institute. She is constantly coordinating localization projects and working with local artists in enriching the aesthetic value of the community.
She is one of the editors for the 20-volume Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts published in 2016 and one of the designers for the 365-volume Complete Works of Venerable Master Hsing Yun published in 2017.
Venerable Youji holds a Masters of Arts in Buddhist Studies from Fo Guang University and a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts from University of Central England. An aspiring artist, her exhibition Doodling Chan is currently on tour in countries including Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, China, and the USA.