Nan Tien Talk: Coffee, Tea or Chán (禅)?

Nan Tien Talk Series

Coffee, Tea or Chán (禅)?

A Dharma Conversation in exploring tea or coffee drinking as meditation in motion  


Coffee and tea are both entrenched in people’s lives and very much part of social gatherings around the world. Enjoying the moments provided by “having a cuppa” with a friend can foster communication and deeper connections. They can be highly ritualistic and rich with cultural meanings and invoke many emotions, ideas and opinions.  

For others, a tea or coffee break signals a special time to centre ourselves in preparation for a new day or to rejuvenate. In fact, tea and coffee drinking can be a form of moving meditation, where the actions help us mindfully tune into our senses and fully engage in the present. 


Coffee, Tea or Chán (禅)? is the third Dharma Conversation in the Nan Tien Talk series.  Please join Venerable Miao You and Venerable Jue Fang as they share how their personal drinking preferences have informed and shaped their own spiritual practices. 


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