Temple Tree Day

Temple Tree Day 


Saturday October 7th 2023 

9:30am - 3pm 


Nan Tien Temple has teamed up with the Tree Veneration Society artists and UK artist Shelley Sacks to give you Temple Tree Day.  


Immerse yourself in a day of tree celebration. Take time out to create a day for Buddhist practice, art, culture to honour trees and our creative well-being at the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere.   


Join us for a day of tranquility and connection with activities like Tai Chi, Tree Meditation, Guided Tree Tours, Beekeeping, Mindful Tree Sketching, Buddhist Tree Ceremony, Tree Creature Craft, Bodhi Tree Chalk Drawing, and more. 


This is an inclusive community event for all people. Nature walks, storytelling, art and craft, creating the largest Bodhi Tree chalk mural, listen to the inside of a tree, and macro photography Temple Garden challenge #templetreeday





Nan Tien Temple